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As a flagship restaurant Nando’s Drive thru is nestled in the hustle and bustle of Bryanston on the corner of Grosvenor and William Nicol Road.

A natural backdrop was created within the space with subtle monochrome contrast. The slatted timber feature and the custom designer wallpaper on the floating ceiling was incorporated to add natural texture and patina. Vibrant colours and clean lines were introduced through bespoke furniture and ceramic art from South African designers. Both Portugese and contemporary tribal patterns were used on printed table tops and wallpaper, which results in a rich, layered space with a true South African flavour- an identity which signifies beauty in its diversity.

The ultimate undertaking on this existing site was to create a Drive thru that would run through the building, rather than alongside as per the norm. The design concept was to create a utopian jungle in this conservative, corporate area and surroundings without all the expected elements.

The organic curved benches with woven detailing represents the African Shongonololos body and is balanced with the backdrop of a modern concrete plastered wall finishes and the large hand-stringed, yellow beaded pendant, a collaboration between The Nolden Brothers and the Community Project; RELATE. Layers of colour, texture and pattern is also seen in the application of woven fabrics and leather upholstery solutions and lase-cut panels to create a division screen within an open plan space.

Bespoke hand-made ceramic feather tiles are used for the counter front detail was commissioned by artist Anton Bosch and fills the entire ordering area of the restaurant with an authentic, unique and vibrant feel. The exterior façade and the hidden drive thru lane claim one-of-a-kind pieces by artist Dion Cupido. The nature of the art can be found throughout this Casa and showcases these limited edition, once-off pieces.

The restaurant interior features pieces by various South African furniture designers, artists and craftsmen. This includes dining chairs by Vogel, David Krynauw and Dark Horse. Large, custom woven Leather lights by The Nolden Brothers as well as geometric steel pendants by local lighting supplier Emerging Creatives. Urbanative was responsible for the Marble tables with the ethnic table bases.


The drive thru tunnel comprises of the unexpected use of road reflectors on both walls and ceiling to produce a world-class memorable experience, adding to the overall unique experience that one come to expect from a Flagship restaurant, true to the Nando’s essence.

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