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A hybrid model of a supermarket, deli, take-away and retail store;

The Pantry offers consumers curated grocery items including quality fresh produce, ready-to-go meals, bakery items, flowers, wine and essentials along with a bespoke retail selection.


First things first, it’s Zioux pronounced Zoo, the latest addition to the Marble Group’s restaurant portfolio.


A Luxurious lounge in the heart of Sandton.

It’s a rare feeling to walk into a butchery and think of it as a glamorous space but this place will have you rethink that idea. 


Not your everyday pizzeria.

The design of this interior was then fueled and developed around the concept of doing away with overwhelmingly themed interiors, aiming for an experience less predictable.


The concept was to draw on Eastern, French, Venetian and Italian design influences and combine them with local urban flair. The intent of cooking with wood and fire required an open kitchen layout that was to be experienced visually without interrupting the overall dining and spatial experience.

The overall concept of the Nostimo design incorporates a stronger family focus and influences of nature. This is visible in the inclusion of a pottery studio, kids play area, bakery, fresh produce display, coal oven feature and show-kitchen concept.

Nando’s Birnam is a space exaggerated with geometric pattern but appears minimalist with a pop of colour due to the harmony achieved in the disciplined use of pattern and texture.

The layout and quirky interior design mimics a typical ethnic journey through a Portuguese setting with a deep appreciation for aesthetics and local design.

The approach to the design ultimately achieved a Mexican atmosphere without experiencing the space as predictable. Salsa Bedford Square is energetic and fresh- a new Mexican dining experience.

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