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The Pantry is a hybrid of a supermarket, deli, takeaway and retail store, offering shoppers an elevated variety of delicious items such as fresh produce, ready-to-go meals, bakery delights, beautiful flowers, good wine and everyday essentials, as well as a bespoke retail selection. This is the latest addition to the Marble Group’s restaurant portfolio.

The first thing you notice when arriving at the petrol station, a partnership with Sasol, is the absence of towering plastic facades and generic branding. Here, retro meets futurism. The 20s inspired “Pantry” logo scrolls across digital signage in a modern take on old-school theatres or drive-in displays, welcoming you in.

Beneath the canopy, cork-panelled ceiling fins are interspersed with greenery, while red brick, breeze block-esque detailing adds a touch of nostalgia. Supporting pillars, adorned with high-gloss tiles in jewel tones of greens, blues and purples ensure that this is without doubt the most stylish and futuristic of stations to refill your tank (or charge your battery, the station included a Mercedes-Benz electric-car charging point).

We’ve created a warm and welcoming retail environment with textures of cork, wood and terracotta.  The touches of terrazzo are used to great effect, while gentle curves and arches create a natural flow throughout the space.


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