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Saint, located in the new The Marc building, Sandton, is no everyday pizzeria- and the design of the interior needed to follow suit.                                                                                                                    

By introducing distinct modern South African as well as traditional Renaissance elements to an Italian concept, the idea of blending sophistication and effortlessness was achieved. 

These elements are evident in the inclusion of a large vaulted ceiling, creating the back-drop for the theatrical 4-D projections. These projections vary, allowing for a different experience and atmosphere in the space with each visit. The interior further features pieces by various South African design-makers, artists and craftsmen. This includes seating by Guideline Design, Mash T Design, Kent & Lane and David Krynauw; concrete tiles by Wolkberg Casting Studios; custom ceramic tiles by Rialheim and over-sized sculpted art pieces by artist Damien Grivas. 

Reddeco collaborated with Irene Kyriacou to realize the overall vision for the space.                                                                                             “It has a bit of everything”, “whimsical wonder, local flavour and international flair.” - Irene Kyriacou. 

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