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The objective was to generate a well-designed restaurant interior where patrons would be introduced to the full Salsa experience. The design concept of this interior was however fuelled and developed around the notion of doing away with specifically themed restaurant interiors. It was imperative to create a strong interior identity without the apparent use of recycled Mexican references. 


A decision was made to mainly opt for natural materials and colours. A neutral backdrop was maintained by keeping the floor and wall finishes natural. Texture and pattern were added in various shades and shapes using terrazzo tiles, timber, clay and concrete plaster. Accents of colour were introduced in the furniture selection, but were combined with warmer natural leathers and rich denim fabrics.


The clay wine bricks were used to create the structure of the bar counter, which fits in well with the concept of using natural materials and became a functional design element within the space.

Inspiration was drawn from Mexican art and culture which generated the idea of using the Dia de los Muertos Skulls as a backdrop to the bar. This allowed another addition of vibrant colours to the space without it dominating the interior or constraining the design to a specific colour palette.


The Loom bench in the centre of the space becomes another focal point. The upholstery used on the bench reminds of traditional Western tapestry. The backrest becomes a screen and appears as if the fabric of the bench is still in the oversized loom, creating the illusion that the backrest is still being woven. The screen ties the space together but also serves to create a subtle division between the dining area and kitchen.


The approach to the design ultimately achieved a Mexican atmosphere without experiencing the space as predictable. Salsa Bedford Square is energetic and fresh- a new Mexican dining experience.

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