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Freshly baked bread, the warmth of the coal oven and exclusive Mediterranean recipes all draw on the notion of a traditional island village culture. This is adapted to fit a present-day dining experience.


The overall concept of the Nostimo design incorporates a stronger family focus and influences of nature. This is visible in the inclusion of a pottery studio, kids play area, bakery, fresh produce display, coal oven feature and show-kitchen concept. This then also promotes a more interactive space.


The interior dining area opens up to a large outside dining space with views of the Jukskei River and highveld. The setting of the restaurant makes this dining experience unique. The contemporary barn style structure interlinks with the latest Keith Kirsten venture- the Waterfall Wilds Nursery.


David Krynauw developed a dining chair specifically for this interior. Also featuring is his Haywire pendants. These elements, although organic, bring clean lines and a contemporary feel to the space.


Within the Nostimo interior, the Mythos identity finds its essence.

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